Burlap Face Mask (Leatherface/Silent Hill Nurse/Scarecrow)




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Fairly easy to make burlap mask, Good for making a silent hill nurse, leatherface, or scarecrow (traditional or the cool batman villian mask!)
You can get creative with this as well, use any type of fabric, add in some stitches and staples, etc.
The supplies you will need are as follows:
Elmer's glue
A paintbrush or sponge brush
a cheap mask, one with a smoothish surface works best
duct tape (Only if you are borrowing a mask and want to keep it after you make your mold on it.)
Exacto knife
Elastic or string of some sort
Some awesome tunes to listen to whilst you work
Paint and/or eyeshadow to paint the mask with, add some fake blood too if you want!
Fabric of any kind

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