Burn Bootloader Arduino Nano As ISP to Pro Micro

How to burn Arduino bootloader to Pro Micro by Nano.

Step 1: Burning Bootloader

So, you need to burn bootloader to Arduino Pro Micro. You have good Arduino Nano.

1. Prepare Master:

Connect Arduino Nano to PC.
Open Arduino IDE 1.8.5

Arduino IDE: Tools-> Select Board -> Arduino Nano
Tools->Processor-> Atmega328p (old bootloader) # I buy board made in China
Tools->Processor->AVRISP mkII

Open File->Examples->11.Arduino ISP
nothing changes
Upload Sketch

2. Wiring:

Nano | Micro
5V - Vcc
D10 - RST
D11 - 16
D12 - 14
D13 - 15
+capacitor 4.7mkF-10mkF between GND and RST (check polarity!) for Nano

remark: if you have Nano 3v3 version,

3. Burn:

Arduino IDE: Tools -> Select Board -> Arduino Micro

Tools -> Programmetor -> Arduino as ISP

Click: Tools -> Burn bootloader

Wait about 1 minute.

2 LEDs on Arduino Pro Micro will fired when finished.



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    This is great information! Thanks for sharing!