Burned Plush Bunny Made of Clay




Introduction: Burned Plush Bunny Made of Clay

Ana Kavčnik, Between the lines of fear and blame, glazed ceramics, 2016

Step 1: Building the Basic Structure

You need 10 kg of clay

modeling tool

blue and copper glaze

black pigment

Step 2: The Inside Must Be Hollow

The inside must be hollow

you built with square pieces of clay and model them with one another.

Step 3: Modelation of Textures

The wall thickness is 1 cm maximum.

First you model legs, than torso of toy and than hand and head.

After you model the base you can start model the texture

Step 4: Modelation of Textures

Burned texture is made by press - molding stones.

Step 5: Modelation of Textures

plush surface is modeled with pinty modeling tool - smal notches

Step 6: Modelation of Textures

only smooth surfaces are the nose and the eye

Step 7: Adding Pigment on Fresh Clay

Add black pigment on the wet clay with presuring it with brush with coarse bristles.

Step 8: After Bisque Firing and Adding Glazes

bisque firing on 950 ˙C

after that you can glaze the nose and the eye.

and again fire on 950˙C

Step 9: Completed



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    4 Discussions

    Awesome! Love the feel

    Wow, really interesting piece! Thanks for sharing your process.

    How did you come up with the idea?

    1 reply

    thanks for the compliment :) This sculpture is one of three that were made for my project for diploma thesis titled firefighter monuments. :)

    This looks creepy! Great job on the texturing. :)