Burning Man Tips & Tricks #1




Intro: Burning Man Tips & Tricks #1

A collection of "tricks" I've learned from 10 years of attending burning man. Including the infamous "pee-bottle" tip.
NOTE: Several people have pointed out that water truck showers are a bad idea and can potentially make you sick.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Halcyon, gotta first say thanks for the funny narrative. Good delivery =) Unfortunately now I must protest MOST strongly to your tip starting at (coincidentally??) 4:20. Soap, biodegradable or not, is MOOP. Soap suds are MOOP. Grey water is MOOP, and by using soap in the water truck spray, you are creating MOOP. For all newbies out there: THIS IS BAD. MOOP = Matter Out Of Place. Halcyon, you're advising behavior that is directly opposed to one of the Ten Principals of Burning Man - Leave No Trace. There is no way around it- Grey Water is MOOP, leaves a trace, and stains the playa. Equally distressing is that if your whole camp is doing this, you're all promoting a very bad habit. Other than that, thanks for the tips. I've even gone in to a slow-motion run to prevent a thirsty, but unwitting campmate from taking a long pull off my piss-bottle... nnnnnnNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm also with ya on the "Disposable Socks". Nothing as close to heaven on the playa as a fresh pair of socks after a nice soda-water footbath!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I personally don't recommend showering behind the water trucks, like Kalendarz mentions, the water (although some of the more pleasant rumors say it comes from a local stream may still be contaminated with giardia, criptosperidium, protozoa, cysts, or free floating viruses (like all streams)) God only knows whats in the one's labeled TOXIC *shudders*. If the water gets in your mouth or eyes some nasties can ensue talk about a severe case of playa plague, I have a friend that got giardia from drinking from a stream..yikes... Of course just because it may be contaminated doesn't mean that it is or that you will get it in your mouth. Just be aware that it could be an issue and be careful when exposing yourself to possible contaminants. But enough of that happy talk my main comment was: please do not use soap on the playa: this is effectively dumping your gray water on the playa without taking responsibility for it. Nobody likes it when RVs offload, this isn't much different. Pack it in pack it out- including your soap, biodegradable or not. Maybe if you collected the water (if you do decide to use it) and then pour it over your self while standing over your tarp it would solve this (a great way to make a tarp sink is a black tarp curled around a square of 2x4s that creates a little shallow pool: it evaporates during the day and when you leave you can fold up all the crud or pour the left overs into an empty bucket and just hose down the tarp when you get home). PS. Great tip on the comfortable shoes, huge issue- great solution. Nice mention of the pee bucket. Don't forget to visit the pee funnel camp ladies! Also check out the BM website and blog for tips on lady specific issue of hygiene. Great tips on there have saved me big time.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    HEEEYYY!!!!!!!! Burner Tink here, and I have to say I love the video!! How much did I howl as you described chasing the water truck!!(we usually camp around 5:45 and 'F'...and our shower is primitive....but bring some water and shower with us!!) looks like you're a seasoned burner, with lots of tricks and advice(good ones too!) Hope to meet you on the Playa! Tink


    really interested now looks really friggin cool haha oh btw you look like scott weiland from STP and velvet revolver


    10 years ago on Introduction

    A warning about using the water trucks for quick showers... Some of the water trucks are spraying TOXIC non-potable water when they're out keeping the dust down. These trucks are marked TOXIC and non-potable. Please pay attention to what kind of water truck you are chasing to bathe your body. We don't want you to get sick.

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