Burning Skull Face Paint

Introduction: Burning Skull Face Paint

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Prepare to bare your bones and go up in flames with burning take on the classic creepy skull face! Thanks to Ashley Pickin who created this design for the Boys Only FaceCards Collection.

Step 1: Start With Orange

I began with the face of the skull with a bit of a jagged top in orange.

Step 2: Blend Yellow

Next, blended in a bit of yellow to make the base for the flames, as well as dabbled some yellow on the cheeks for highlights.

Step 3: Make Flames

Then, I went into some more of my yellow paint and use it to make bright flames!

Step 4: White Teeth

Then, I went into my white and used it to make the teeth across my lips.

Step 5: Blue Features

Then, I used a mix of blue paint and eye shadow to color in and add features to the eye sockets, bridge of the nose, and corners of my lips.

Step 6: Outline

Finally, I completed the look by outlining the entire piece with black.

Step 7: Going Up in Flames!

This skull face is hot, so hot it's going up in flames....literally!

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