Burnt Face




About: I love Halloween and doing scary, gross makeup!

Things you will need:

Liquid Latex
Hair Gel
Halloween Makeup (can really use any kind)
Stiple Sponge
Cotton Balls
Baby Powder
Charcoal Powder (optional)
Fake Blood (optional)

Step One:

First pull your hair back in a pony tail or pin it away from your face. Use the hair gel to smooth down fly aways so they dont get stuck in the "burnt flesh". Make sure that your face is clean and dry before you apply anything.

Step Two:

Pull the ear lobe close to the face and use the tape to hold it in place. Then you will begin to apply the liquid latex. Apply wherever you want the burn to be. Allow it to dry, but still be tacky. To build up the burn you need to use pieces of the cotton ball and place them to make places that look deeper or higher. then reapply more liquid latex. Allow it to completely dry.

Step Three:

Now that the latex has dried, apply a thin layer of powder to it. I have found it to help the makeup to stick. You will want to use reds, purples, and blacks to get the right effect. use black in your lower places and more reds in the higher places. After you achieve the look that you desire, you can apply the charcoal for a smokey look. After I was finished with it I applied fake blood to see how it would look.

Step Four:

Go ahead and scare the crap out of someone. Have fun!



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    Knowing this was a Halloween costume, my first reaction was "Ewww!" so you did an outstanding job. I am glad I did not stumble upon the picture under "fire safety tips" or I might have heart failure.

    1 reply

    Wow great job! I like went on Instructables and this was on the home page and for a second im like "Oh god what happened that looks painfull D:" but then i clicked on it and im like oh ok

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks disgusting. Great job! I just bought some liquid latex so I might have to try this for fun or for Halloween!

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I hope you enjoy it. Make sure to take pictures. I've done a few different ones and never took a single picture...deeply regret that.

    By the title I was kinda expecting to see how to cure a sunburned face and when I clicked on here "ouch, what happened" was my first reaction haha. Very awesome job!

    3 replies

    a good sunburn cure is Aloe Vera the best Aloe Vera plant is called a "Black Tooth" it is hard to find but what you do is cut a part of the leaf off and rub the gell that comes out of it on the sunburn