Burnt Flesh Makeup

Introduction: Burnt Flesh Makeup

About: the zombie guy Sorry for not replying to all the posts in the past. Ill try to get online more often to answer some of your questions.

Decided to post another makeup tutorial but this time on making a really gruesome burn.

Step 1: Supplies

1.  flesh gel (preferably skin tone)
2.  small pot
3.  your kitchen stove
4.  bruise wheel
5.  pencil or modeling tool

Step 2: Instructions

go grab your moms favorite pot and fill it about half way up with water.  place it on the stove for a few minutes (the water doesnt need to boil).  drop the whole container of flesh gel in to the pot and wait a few more minutes.  you can usually see the gel loosening up inside the bottle.  once it looks about done carefully take out the bottle (i use tongs).  place aside to cool down or fill a bowl with the hot water to keep from thickening. 

take your bruise wheel and use a lot of reds/browns/purples.  it sometimes helps to google photos of burns so you get an idea of how they look. 

after you apply the bruise makeup squirt some flesh gel over it and smear it before it starts to dry and stick.  after it drys you could either leave it the way it is or get rid of the shiney look with the translucent face powder.

youll be able to add blisters for a more gore-y effect.  after that take a pencil or a modeling tool and gently poke a hole or 10 into the fleh gel.  grab your bruise wheel again and color in the hole(s) youve made to give them depth so it looks like your skin is actually peeling off.  you can put fake blood into the blister holes for a cooler effect (i usually do).

now go scare your neighbors !

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Of all the how-to's I've found in all the random corners of the internet, yours are still my absolute favorite, and produce the best results. I used your zombie tutorial and modified it last year for a nasty, juicy face wound. It made a little boy in a restaurant cry a bit. This one ought to be a nice add for the wedding I have to attend this Halloween. Thank you again! (And I'm really glad to see you're still adding things!)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Man i love your tutorials theyre gruesome yet so perfect, KEEP IT UP