Business Card and Mail Holder From a Heatsink

Stripping apart a few old Computers, I saved this nice blue heatsink to hold mail and/or business cards.

The Heatsink sits under the cooling Fan, and above the CPU. Carefully separating the three parts leaves more to be re-used. There are several good uses of leftover fans on this site, especially the venting use for soldering.

After separating the three items, (and the CPU from the socket), you will need to clean off the cpu grease from the Heatsink.

Just a simple idea to re-use some more materials rather than throw them away.

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Step 1:

In this picture I am using the Heatsink to hold mail, (in this case, bills unfortunately), and it does a great job, having enough weight to keep from falling over.

The Heat sinks come in various sizes and colours and I especially like the Blue pictured here.

Step 2:

Here the same item is holding business cards. These are from other businesses, however it could hold yours just as well.

Just a simple idea to re-use some more materials rather than throw them away.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    If this heatsink is still available, I'm interested in buying it. Please let me know if it's for sale or not. Thank you.

    1 reply

    If I can find it, I'll mail it to you, but it may be long gone or in the bottom of a box

    I will let you know if I find it