Business Proposal 3-D Model (Project Based)

Introduction: Business Proposal 3-D Model (Project Based)

During my Introduction to Business class the students will construct a 3-dimentional model of their proposed business. The model will include the specific location in the students city they will add adjacent buildings, streets, fields, or possible demolitions, and reconstructions or constructions that will need to take place for their business to be successful and built to city code. The students will have had prior lessons on marketing, how the location is vital for a business, budgeting, insurance, business costs, real estate terms and the many types of businesses.

STEP ONE: Gathering supplies
1) Cardboard: Each student will need a large piece of card board as their frame work to build thier 3-D model on.
2) Glue & Glue Sticks
3) Ruler
4) Construction paper of all colors
5) popsicle sticks
6) Empty food boxes of many different sizes
7) Computer with colored printer to print off pictures of the antisipated location for the students to look at while building, you can also use google maps to locate the area.
8) Pens, pencils & Markers
9) Each student will need an e-mail to correspond with realtors, city officials and insurers
10) classroom telephone for phone calls to researched industries.

STEP TWO: Research
Each student must have background information and research the potential business and business location before being able to build the replica model.
After the students have researched local business real estate on line, made calls to realtors in class, sent emails and budgeted the potential costs of their chosen property, they will begin their 3-dimentional model. The business plan model will be an EXACT replica of the location the student has chosen.

STEP THREE: Build 3-D Model
Students will use carborad boxes, glue, construction paper, and markers to build their business into a 3-dimentional structure. They will use green construction paper for grass, popsicle sticks for other structures. Black paper for the road...etc.
The students are to use their imagination to create the model as realistic as possible. Everything will be on the larger cardboard.

The business propsal 3-D model that is shown in this lesson was a local neighborhood community house/sporting complex in the inner city. You can see the soccer field with two goals, a small swimming pool behind the building, great location, and inside the building is basketball courts and a teen room with billards, ping pong, and flat screen TV's for entertainment and video games. Also the wall on the south side of the building will open like a garage door for summer/ seasonal enjoyment.

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