Busy Baby Hat




Introduction: Busy Baby Hat

No baby will pull this hat off...its too much fun!

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Step 1: Busy Baby Hat

Step One: Materials
  • Find a long sleeve toddler tee
  • Needle and Thread
  • Teething blanket/ toy

Step 2: Busy Baby Hat

Step Two: Cutting
  • Cut off sleeves at shoulder
  • Cut off body of shirt from one armpit seam to other armpit seam
  • Cut off two ends of teething toy (shown is crinkle and teething end)

Step 3: Busy Baby Hat

Step three: Sewing Arms (soon to be earflaps)
  • Turn sleeves inside out
  • sandwich toy end into the large end of sleeve( toy should be completely inside sleeve)
  • sew toy and sleeve shut; Repeat with second sleeve and toy

Step 4: Busy Baby Hat

Step Four: Sewing body of shirt (soon to hat)
  • Measure baby's head circumference + 1 inch, cut this length out of shirt body.
  • Turn inside out and sew short sides together.
  • Using a running stitch sew through top 1/2 inch of entire hat, pull thread to sinch, double sew hat top shut.

Step 5: Busy Baby Hat

Step Five: Putting all together
  • 5- turn hat and sleeves right side out. Sew one sleeve in the middle of one side of the hat; Repeat with other sleeve on other side.
  • Do not make sleeves so long that they could wrap around baby's head or neck; That is dangerous and could strangle baby.

Step 6: Busy Baby Hat

Step Six: Decorate
  • Decorate with baby safe patches and enjoy!

Step 7: Busy Baby Hat

Enjoy, Thanks for looking...

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    6 Discussions

    great grandma

    This is adorable and so is that little baby!!! You are a clever mother to think of making this!!!!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I think your idea is wonderful, and the baby is adorable..