Butter Rice Salad



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Hahahahaha! Guys we met again with healthy day! So let’s begin with our delicious as well as healthy recipe.

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Step 1: Let’s Go Shopping to Grocery Store!

List of ingredients:-
# long grain rice
# sweet corn
# low cholesterol butter
# green peas
# fresh tomatoes, onions and carrots
# lemon
# roasted flex seeds
# iodised salt
# black pepper
# pizza seasoning( optional )

Step 2: OMG! Mr.Rice Is Very Happy

Take 5 tablespoon of rice from your sack. Now cook it and in between spray some salt on it.( I am putting salt in starting because if we put salt on salad it will release water and it won’t taste good). Be sure of rice grain don’t stick together.

Step 3: Oh Yeah We Are Gonna Take Sauna Bath!

Take approximately one cup of sweet corn and peas, now steam them for 10 minute approx.

Step 4: Let’s Play With Knifes, Hahahaha!

Cutting beautifully the tasty salads. Good luck.( be careful to remove the seeds of tomatoes, else it will make wet rice grains).

Step 5: Now the Preparation Part Has Arrived!

Take a big bowl, in it put freshly chopped salad and steamed green peas and sweet corn. Mix it well, Now apply two table spoon of low cholesterol butter on it as well as pour the juice of squeezed lemon( take 2 lemon).

Step 6: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Final Touch!

Now put your well cooked rice into freshly mixed salad carefully and with peace mind. (Otherwise tiny rice grain with be crushed). Now sprinkle one tablespoon of roasted flex seed( it is very healthy for our eyes). According to your taste sprinkle black pepper powder. Now sprinkle pizza seasoning accordingly.

Step 7: The Delicious Side Dish Is Ready!

Your side dish is ready. Now peacefully take it out on your plate and have fun eating with your family. :)

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