Butterfly Blossoms Rainbow Loom Bracelet





Step 1: Step 1

place 1st band from middle to left

Step 2: Step 2

place band from middle to right

Step 3: Step 3

place bands on left and right sides

Step 4: Step 4

place band from left to middle then right to middle (make sure it's in this order)

Step 5: Step 5

twist two bands into figure 8s and put across

Step 6: Step 6

continue with this pattern until the end of the loom

Step 7: Looping

turn loom around and put a double white band on the end

Step 8: Looping

grab top band on the center pin. loop the band to the left pin. next, do this with the bottom band but to the right

Step 9: Looping

grab bottom band on left pin and loop straight up. do this on the right

Step 10: Looping

grab bottom band on left and loop to middle. do same on right.

Step 11: Looping

continue this pattern until the top. add extension and a clip.



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    4 years ago

    Can you make one that has destinct butterflies on it?