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Introduction: Butterfly Bracelet

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If you can make a loop with round nose pliers, you can make a butterfly bracelet. All you need is a few paper clips.

For tools you'll need:
Cone nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers

Step 1: Shape the Head

Extend a paper clip and work out the kinks with flat nose pliers.

For the ease of use I filed a tiny grove into one of the cones of my pliers. You can see this in the second picture. The groove helps show me where to place the wire so I get consistent circles.

Place the center of the wire into the cone pliers and form a small loop. Bend one of the free ends away from the loop as shown in the pictures. Reposition the pliers and bend the other free end away from the loop.

You should now have an overlapping lollypop looking thing. Use the flat pliers to adjust the loop so the free ends are side by side and not overlapping. See the pictures.

Step 2: Form the Upper Wings

Place the loop between the largest part of the cone nose pliers.

Bend the free ends away from the center, around the cones, and back down the middle.

Adjust as necessary to make the sides even with each other.

Step 3: Form the Lower Wings

Move the wire up to the smaller end of the cones. I used the groove I filed as the reference point. Bend the free ends in the same manner as the upper wings.

Make sure the pliers are up against the upper wings before you start to bend the wire. Also, see that you wind the loop the same direction; in front on the upper wings.

Step 4: Tail Link

Place the pliers perpendicular to the body of the butterfly, just under the lower wings. Bend the free ends back to form the lower linking portion of the butterfly. Use the diagonal cutting pliers to cut the link to length.

File away any sharp edges.

Step 5: Make the Clasp and Put It Together

Make as many butterflies as needed for the person the bracelet is made for. Link the butterflies head to tail. Use the flat pliers to close the links.

For the clasp, cut a section of the paper clip out as shown in the picture. Form loops on both ends. Squeeze the clasp shut.

Make a ring with the remaining piece of wire. Attaché the clasp and ring to either end of the bracelet.

Thanks for reading.

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I saw this when it was featured in the instructables email, and decided to make one for my girlfriend. Didn't quite have the proper tools, but I managed to make due. It's far from perfect, but I think I did ok for a first attempt. Great instructable, by the way.

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She did indeed like it. I knew that when the kids saw it, they'd want some, too. So, I made two more, except this time, with red beading wire, which was much easier to bend into shape than the paperclips. It's perhaps a little more fragile, but as long as they're treated with care, they should hold up fine. I also got them far more consistently shaped than the first one.


for the record you can 'work harden' (stiffen) soft wire, by rolling it back and forth between two smooth flat pieces of hard wood or metal (this will also straighten it), but take care, as this may also scratch or scar the metal...

This is awsome in a bunch of different ways. I made a bracelet sitting on my back patio and then that same bracelet shows up perhaps in a place I've never been by a person I've never met.

Most often I only get to see these ideas photographed on my own hands. I get a big kick out of seeing someone else try their hand at it.

The red wire looks great. Good job!

Did one more. Probably my last for a while. My girlfriend likes brightly colored jewelry in repeating patterns, so I used several different colors of wire to make a choker necklace using your butterfly design. We had all this wire here anyway, as she does beading, and makes necklaces and bracelets. She absolutely loves this one, by the way. I used a small silver lobster claw clasp for this one, which is necessary as the wire one would make it too loose to be a choker.


I've made 2 as Christmas gifts. They both seemed to go over well. I also used colored 20 gauge artistic wire in differocolors. One was gold, copper and silver. The other had purple too. The instructions were easy to follow and I wanted able to finish fairly quickly. I will probably make a few more

Hi, Mr. Balleng, Any ideas for filling the "butterfly wings" with something solid or transparent and colorful?

Since this Instructable has been out a couple of years, we're looking for a new twist on it for holiday gifts. (My son is broke and needs presents for girls. The thought has occurred that they might have seen this in the original "splash" as it is so popular. )

Would Oogoo/Sugru silicone putties be a good choice? Or something you could melt into it like solder? (We're skilled at soldering electronics components; no experience with jewelry-making. ) Something semi-transparent? Would you glue or apply beads to this? Thanks!

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Soldering paperclips is actually quite difficult. The metal oxidizes very quickly and so you really only have one shot to apply the heat. Have you gone through my instructables? There are a lot of low cost projects. But as far as filling in the wings, I would first try lacing beads through the wire.

What size paper clips did you use for this?? Want to have a go but need to get right sizes

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Any size will do. I've even done this with 14 gage wire.

I want to try and make some butterfly chain mail with this :3

Nice! Great! I like it

Great tutorial! I think it's incredible that it's made from paper clips!

Pretty nice & simple Brent! I subscribe to a chainmaille email from an English lady last name of Corvus on Ning. She tightens up the slack of this project I just finished a bracelet & earring in silver filled wire from an eBay seller Cigar Box Wire. Egyptian Coil Bracelet by hay_jumper I've got a little time to look at more of UR old projects. :)

Are you going to be selling these anytime soon?!?! I'm very very confused!! Great instructable though.

really cool...I love butterflies. Thanks for sharing.

Hi. I have been trying so hard to make this. My main problem is that I am lacking "cone nose pliers." I've searched everywhere online and I cannot figure out where to find a pair. Could you suggest a brand? Or maybe they are also called something else? I really want to make one of these! Thank you for posting these instructions *^_^*