Butterfly Candle Holder

Introduction: Butterfly Candle Holder

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I saw this really awesome instructable and wanted to make my own!  But I really like butterflies so I wanted to change the pattern to a butterfly instead of just shapes. 

First I pulled an image of a butterfly into photoshop and used the magic wand tool to delete the background white from the image.  Then I connected the transparent parts of the drawing so that there were no islands.  Then I exported this image as a png.

I downloaded the eps files from the candle holder instructable and opened them in Illustrator.  I deleted all the inside parts.  I imported my butterfly png and used the live trace function to create a vector outline of the image.  Then I copied this image so that it would be on all four walls of the candle holder.

I had the candle holders cut out of 0.24" plywood at ponoko.com (it was super easy!)  When they were delivered to my house I assembled them with wood glue.

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