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Introduction: Butterfly Comb

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it is not every day that you need to stab something. But it is every day that you need to fix your hair obsessively. So replace your unuseful butterfly knife with this stylish and purposeful butterfly comb. Made from the finest cheap airline comb and popsicle sticks from the most prestigious of dollar shops, and the best tape on the market, this essential accessory is hard to live without.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials


One plastic comb that you will not mind being mildly mutilated (Must be flat)

Two bullet head nails,

Six popsicle sticks,

Electrical tape (optional).


Drill and bit (The bit must be the same size as the nails)

Sharpie, Vivid, Texta, etc,


Hot glue gun and sticks.

Step 2: Cut the Comb

Cut the comb about a centimetre (3/8") shorter than the popsicle sticks. You must leave some of the handle to act as the hinges. Sand the cut once you have cut it.

Step 3: Handles

Cut two lengths of popsicle sticks eight centimetres (3 1/8") long. Take four more sticks and drill holes in them about half a centimetre (1/8") from the top.

Step 4: Adding Handles

Put a nail through the hole in one of the popsicle sticks, and then through the hole in the comb. Put another popsicle stick on top of the comb, so the comb is sandwiched between two popsicle sticks and the nail goes through all the holes. Repeat for other side of the comb. Tap the nails all the way through so the heads are resting on the stick. Then cut the nails to length. Do not use a dremel or angle grinder to do this, as the heat will cause the plastic to melt. seal the non head ends of the nails with hot glue. Then glue on the eight centimetre piece as shown. I used some tape to make it a bit tidier, but this is not essential..

Step 5: Have Fun

Practice with your comb until you have mastered the opening and closing of it, and then carry it everywhere you go (except airports). Be ready to amaze passers-by with your skill at the butterfly comb whenever the wind messes your hair.

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