Butterfly Cupcakes



Introduction: Butterfly Cupcakes

Wonderful cupcakes that people love!!

What you will needs:
- Cake Mix
- 2 Hershey's Chocolate Bars
- White Chocolate Chips
- Sprinkles
- Frosting
- Food Coloring
- a few M & Ms

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Step 1: Gather Ingredients

Gather ingredients!
I just used a regular white cake batter and followed the instructions on it to make a cake but instead put it into muffin/cupcake form
Once the batter is all made separate it into 5 parts and dye them with food coloring the different parts of the rainbow

Step 2: Batter

Then add the batter to your cupcake/muffin tray with the sheets already lined in there.
Careful to do thin layers of color or it will get too full too quickly.

Step 3: Starting the Butterflies

Put it in the oven (following the cake instructions) and check on it to make sure its ok!
While this is going on you should start on the butterflies.

Draw a shape of 2 butterfly wings that do not touch on a piece of paper with a black marker. (sorry I didn't take pics of this stuff)

Then cut out wax paper just a bit bigger then your butterfly drawing.

I taped my drawing down to the counter and then taped the piece of wax paper that i was about to use down on the counter (over the drawing) as well.

Put your chocolate (either one, you'll have to do both) into a plastic ziplock baggy and then into a mug and put it into the microwave for 30 second incraments.
MAKE SURE THE BAGGY IS NOT SHUT!!!! it will blow up! bad!

Step 4: Chocolates

After the chocolates are melted (you can then ziplock the tops) reinforce the corners of the bags with tape.

After you've done that you're pretty much set. (dont forget about the oven cooking like i did though)

Cut the very very tip of one of the corners you just reinforced with tape off each bag.

Now you can start tracing your butterfly on the wax paper with the Hershey's or dark chocolate and filling it in with the white chocolate.

I used toothpicks to spread the white chocolate around to make sure there were no holes in it.

Then I poured some sprinkles on it and the butterfly is done.

Just make sure the wings dont touch or it will be hell later. 

Now remove that wax paper, the one taped to the counter with the butterfly on it and set it on a tray in the fridge, tape a new piece of wax paper down and start again.

Step 5: Frosting

Check your cupcakes!

Frost your cupcakes!

I dyed the frosting purple for some unknown reason - they seem kinda lonely without the butterflies...Anyway! This is what the M&M's are for!

After you from the cupcakes, stick 2 m&m's in each one, they are going to hold the wings up!
So stick them in the center just a tiny bit apart.

Step 6: Finished

After they are all done, it should look something like this, ...rainbow cupcake, (that still has the filter paper on) some frosting, 2 m&m's and a butterfly (though there we are seeing the unsprinkled side)

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