Butterfly Painting



How to create a butterfly painting.

Step 1: Fold

Get 1 sheet of white printer paper and fold it in half to create a crease down the middle.

Step 2: Add the First Color of Paint

Squirt a little bit of paint (color of your choice) onto the paper. Make sure you place it on the right side next to the crease and more toward the top of the paper.

Step 3: Spread the Paint

Fold the paper again the same way it was folded before and spread out the paint.

Step 4: Add the Second Color of Paint

Right below the place you put your first color of paint, squirt a little bit of paint of another color.

Step 5: Spread the Second Color of Paint

Fold the paper over once more and spread out the second color with your hands. When you open it back up you should have a butterfly.



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