Butterfly Wings

Introduction: Butterfly Wings

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This is how you can make your own butterfly wings for the next themed party, just to dress up for fun or for the times whenever you need butterfly wings. :)

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need to make your own butterfly wings:

- cardboard

- cutter

- scissor

- pen

- black paint

- paint-brush

- duck tape

- ribbon

* Sorry! This time I have no photo of all the stuff that you need

Step 2: Cardboard, Cutter and Scissors

Cut the cardboard in half or take two pieces, depending on how big your wings should be. I used two DIN-A3 cardboard's.

Now you need to cut out the shape of your wings. You can use the shape of the photo or use a different butterfly wing shape.

Both pieces need to be similar.

*My tip: Cut out one piece, turn it around and put it on the other cardboard, draw the shape to the other cardboard and cut it out.*

Now draw the lines of the holes on the cardboard. I decided to make 4 elliptical holes and three circles. Use a cutter to cut it out. This is easier than using a scissor.

Step 3: Paint

Now paint both sides of the wings.

Let them dry.

Step 4: Duck Tape and Ribbon

Put the cardboard´s together and fix them with duck tape. I painted every layer of duck tape, but you can paint it solely at the end.

Now fix the ribbon. You should have enough ribbon that you can wear the wings like a jacket.

Paint the duck tape black and let it dry. *If you have used black duck tape you don´t have to paint it, obviously.*

This is the back of your wings, you don´t have to tape the front as well.

Step 5: Butterly Wings

There you go - your own Butterfly Wings.

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