Butterfly in Origami





Introduction: Butterfly in Origami

You will need :
- scisors
- an origami sheet of 15cmx15cm

Step 1: Base

Fold the diagonals. Pinch the paper and fold the corners inside.

Step 2: Body of the Butterfly

Fold the top a little bit over the edge. Flip over. Open the top flap and flatten the triangles.

Step 3: Patterns

Fold the bottom halves of the triangles on the edges. Cut in the middle of the bottom. Fold each side on the edge.

Step 4: Wings

Fold the buterfly in half. Fold the wing along the top triangle. Repeat on the other side. To make your butterfly fly, press the center of his body



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2 Discussions

Tu es une tres bonne origamiste!! (your are a very good origami maker)

Such a cute butterfly!! Thanks for sharing!