Butterless Frosting

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A non-greasy formula for a light, fluffy frosting that's dairy free - and white.

When searching for a diary free alternative and a delightful white frosting, here in the UK it was difficult. UK butter and margarine is yellow, no matter how much you try, using it will give you an tinge of yellow.

I ready many reviews about Trex, a brand name for vegetable shortening and the biggest 'complaint' was it's 'greasiness'.

If you use this formula, I can pretty much guarantee a non greasy buttercream / frosting for your cupcakes and cakes, which can either be piped or spread.

My signature cakes have vibrant colour sponges and brilliant white frosting.

I have been asked many times for the recipe and ratio, so here it is

Step 1: You Will Need

You can amend the quantities but do not amend the ratio of icing sugar to Trex.

This mix has a different ratio of shortening ('fat') to sugars

  • 100g Trex
  • 280g Icing Sugar
  • Water or milk
  • Vanilla flavouring


The quantity of water or milk you will need may vary.

I strongly advise that you ensure the Trex is at room temperature and that the water or milk is no warmer than room temperature.

Flavouring: Is essential, you can change it to whatever one you prefer but be mindful of the fact that you don't need as much as you would with butter or margarine. Check as you mix

Colouring: If you want to colour your frosting, it will be far more vibrant than with butter or margarine so add a small amount at a time. Personally, I use colour pastes or jells but not liquid colouring

Step 2: Mix and Use

  1. Beat your Trex, which should be at room temperature, until soft
  2. Add your icing sugar. A small amount at a time and do not add more until the last amount is mixed in.
  3. If you find that the mixture is becoming too stiff, and it will because the ratio of 'fat' to sugar is different to the standard frosting mix, add a small amount of liquid
  4. Add flavouring
  5. If, when you reach the end of your mixing and the mixture is still too stiff, add more liquid until the mix reaches your prefered consistency



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