Button & Bead Zip Tie Bangles





Introduction: Button & Bead Zip Tie Bangles

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I really loved Mark Montano's "Stackable Bangles" project that I decided to take the concept and used buttons instead of beads for a more unique and whimsical approach!

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need to make these zip tie creations are...

  • large zip ties
  • fabric [scraps]
  • scissors
  • buttons and / or beads
  • thin craft wire (I'm using 20 Gauge Wire)
  • hot glue gun (not shown)
  • wire cutters
  • tape

Step 2: Make the Bracelet

First, cut your large zip tie and measure it around your wrist to get the size you want. Then, tape the ends together into a bracelet.

Step 3: Add Fabric

Next, cut 1/2" pieces of fabric and wrap it around the zip tie, securing it periodically with hot glue to stay in place.

Step 4: Add Buttons

Now, cut a piece of craft wire about 14" in length. Then, wrap it around the zip tie about 3 times, thread a button through the wire, and secure it with more wrapping.

Step 5: Done!

I've made more of these zip tie bangles with buttons and berry beads, as you will see in these images!



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    These are really nice. I love the buttons!