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Simple necklace and bracelet using button.

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Step 1: Supply

1. Buttons - i choose pastel colour and transparent button
2. Clasp and jump ring
3. String for necklace - i use pu leather string. Also can use nylon string
4. String for bracelete - elastic string/ thread

Step 2: Steps for Necklace

1. Measure your neck and decide on the lenght of your necklace. This necklace is not to long and not to short.
2. Arrange the buttons as you like. I made the biggest button in the middle follow by smaller buttons.
3. Passing the string to the buttons until complete.
4. Tied the clasp and jump ring at the end of string. Done!

Step 3: Steps for Bracelet

1. Using the elastic string or tread, pass the tread to the buttons until you get the desired lenght. For the design, i just randomly choose the button by any size or color.
2. Tied the knot and cut the extra string/ tread. Done!

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