Button T-shirt Sleeve Holders



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These easy, no-sew T-shirt sleeve holders will allow you to pull up your T-shirt sleeves.  You've probably seen something like them in the clothing section of many sporting goods stores, as they are very popular among female athletes.  The image with the volleyballs is a store bought T-shirt sleeve holder.  In this instructable, I will show you how to make something similar that will work in the same way.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials needed are very simple. 

Two matching buttons (although, you could use two different buttons for a mis-matched look).  These can be any style of button, they don't have to be 4-hole like the ones shown.

Two lengths of cord, approximately 12 inches each..  I'm using plastic canvas cord, although any cord that will fit through your button openings will work.

I also used a plastic canvas needle to thread my buttons, but if you can manage without one, it isn't necessary.

You'll also need scissors and you may want a ruler if you aren't confident in your ability to eyeball measurements.

Step 2: Threading the Buttons

Take one of your buttons and one of your lengths of cord and thread the cord through the button.  Repeat for the other button.

For four-hole buttons, turn the button so it resembles a plus sign instead of a square.  Bring the cord up through one hole and down through the opposite hole.  This way, your button will sit centered on the cord instead of off to the side (top of the picture).

For two-hole buttons (not pictured), simply bring the cord up through one hole and down through the other.

For shank buttons, simply thread the cord through the shank on the bottom of the button (bottom of the picture).

Step 3: Tying the Knots

At this point, you should have two threaded buttons.  Tie a knot in each string and pull it tight.  You want the knot to be approximately 4 inches from the button.  Trim the ends to leave about 1 additional inch of tail.

Step 4: Finished and Ready for Use

Your Button T-shirt Sleeve Holders are now finished and ready for use.  To use, place the button end at the neck opening with the strings falling down through the sleeve.  Pull up the shirt sleeve.  Take the knot end and bring it out through the bottom of the sleeve.  Loop it up and over the button, and your sleeve is now held in place.


Caution:  Depending upon the cord material you chose, you may need to tighten the knots from time-to-time.  You could also use clear nail polish or a drop of hot glue on the knots to hold them in place more securely.



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