Button Earrings

i've never really liked wearing earrings but i have always had a strange fascination for making them. fortunately my mum has a similar sense (or rather lack of) fashion so she often wears them. otherwise they make cute little gifts. i was bored one afternoon (pre-instrutables) and so decided to combine earrings with another inexplicably like of mine. buttons. and so the button earrings were born. and now you can make them too. enjoy :)

Step 1: Stuff

to make some button earrings you will need; buttons (about 8 of them. if you are worried about colour coordination (like i should be) then black and white are very effective and all-round sort of colours), wire, 2 studs or earring peices and an assortment of pliers.

Step 2: Cutting the Wire

cut 8 pieces of wire (1 per button) a bit longer than 5cm (2 inches) long.

Step 3: Making the Pieces

fold each of the wire in half, but only partially bend them like in the first picture. using one button and one wire thread both ends of the wire through a button hole and then straighten the wires out at the back of the button. do this for all wires/buttons and be careful the buttons are facing the right way.

Step 4: Assembling (kind Of)

it helps me to have the button laid out (pic 1) so you don't get them mixed up but up to you. bend one of the wires of the top most button of one of the earring slightly so that it is about 40-45 degrees from the button now (pic 2). you will need to make a loop in one of the wire of the second button (pic 3 and 4) so put it in place to see how far along you will need to bend it (pic 5). i am kicking myself for forgetting to photograph this but if you have a look at the next link you should see what i mean. bend the downwards point wire of the first button around the base of the downwards pointing wire if the second button (pic 8). repeat this with the third and forth button until you end up with picture 9. also be careful not to make it too tight otherwise the earring will end up bent backwards (it will do this to some degree anyway because of how it is put together so don't worry too much)

Step 5: The End

cut the free wire on the last button so that there is just enough to make a loop so that its not dangerously sticking out. use the pliers and make a loop.

Step 6: Finishing

bend the top wire at a ninety degree angle to the back of the button and thread the stud on. bend the wire completely in half, tuck it out if the way and trim it. repeat for the other earring (yes your only half way done :P ). if you have any suggestions as to how these can be improved please let me know (especially for this last step) otherwise if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. thanks for reading :)



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