Buy 1 Get One Free Ikea Shelf Hack




Introduction: Buy 1 Get One Free Ikea Shelf Hack

For $60 I picked up an "Expedit" shelf from Ikea, it turned out to be too deep for where I wanted it...soooooooo

Good excuse to cut stuff!

I cut it down the middle and wound up with two 8" deep shelves that fit perfect.

Note: the backs of the new shelves look very unfinished, if that bothers you don't cut it! Up against a wall you cannot tell.

I used the shop and great table saw at to do all work.

Step 1: Mark Centers

Mark each shelf top/bottom piece, and upright on the center. I wound up taking out a shelf and not using the bottom piece for a different look.

Step 2: Cut It

With a good quality, high tooth count blade, use a table saw with properly adjusted rip fence to cut on your center marks. If chipping occurs try masking tape all along where the cut will be.

Step 3: Add Shelf Support

Now you have two piles of identical pieces, 1 pile for each new shelf. Assemble each shelf with ikea hardware.
The backs of the shelves now need some support, I added finishing nails through the uprights into the shelves.
Use long screws to attach top/bottom portions.

Step 4: Done

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love ikeas verneered cardboard design.
    I put my knee through a bookshelf in storage -climbing around- & we fixed it by doing this.
    Little laminate & spray paint done good.