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Introduction: Buy Books Cheap

If you are like me and don't have much money but you love to read and want your own library, learn how to get around the small problem of money and start your personal library for cents!

Step 1: Research and List

This step is first and foremost in that you will be able to use your book-searching time better if you actually know what to look for; research books and authors and write them down!
Try to find what genres of books interest you most and find titles that really embody the genre and write them down.
Listen to any and all recommendations from people whose opinions you trust or have reason to trust and write them down.
Do you really like movies? Why not check out the predecessors to your favorite films and.... write them down!

I suggest using a small piece of paper that can easily fit inside a wallet or purse or pocket so that wherever you are, you are prepared.

Step 2: Your Best Friend

Used Used Used.
Get used to this word because it is your new best friend! Immediately go to Google Maps and search for "used books" and your city. Go visit the locations, make friends with the owners, and browse their varied collections of books that should be much cheaper than the newer versions and not a whole lot different. If they are not very cheap, haggle. The book industry is not exactly booming and I'm sure that the store owners will appreciate any business they get.

Step 3: Your Next Best Friend

With more than 2,200 locations around the world, you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding one. If Goodwill is not accessible to you, there are countless other thrift store options to choose from. And not to the fact that a constantly changing inventory can mean a new load every week, and new chances.

Step 4: Another Good Friend

There is a whole section devoted to books as well as a section to post any books that you specifically want. Because Craigslist is community driven and run, you have no need to pay for shipping or any such thing, but be aware that it is always best to bring someone else with you when you meet the seller and try to meet in a public place, like a local Starbucks or Library :)

Step 5: Your Humbling Best Friend

Garage Sales.
There are some who view garage sales as "below" them, but if you are reading this Instructable, they aren't. If you want to be shrewd with your scarce funds, then utilize this very valuable source. "Garage sailing" is a long forgotten art to many and you can find much much more than just books. It's also a good excuse to hop on a bike and get some exercise while searching for new novels.

The main idea behind all of these steps is this:
One man's used junk is another man's treasure

Step 6: After Everything Else...

Once you have completed and/or started your book collection, get a composition book or notebook of some sort and lend out your books! Share the joy and love of reading with others by recommending books to them, especially if you can lend them yourself and gain a new conversation piece and buddy! Ah, the joys of literature!

Warning: This step is not for those who are very picky about lending out their things. Enjoy :D



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    14 Discussions

    That 'book collection' might sound good now but the next time you move you'll be cursing it. I'm on the library card bandwagon. You already paid for those books so it's like you're wasting money by not reading them.

    I read every book I buy at least once as soon as I buy it. Others I have read numerous times. And yeah I know they will be a hassle in the future to move, but hey, it's boring if everything is easy haha

    Exactly! My ex-mil used to buy books and when we had both finished reading them she would give them to the library or exchange them with co-workers. But some I just couldn't part with!

    tonight i went to goodwill after I ate and happened to glance at the books. Great find! got two OLD new books :)

    1 reply

    Haha nice! I went to the used bookstore and found a book printed in 1915! And it's in practically perfect condition. Before reading this I never even thought to see if there was a used book store in my neck of the woods.

    I used to go to the library sales on the 3rd or 4th day, when they do the $3 a bag deal; pick out the best looking books, even if you don't like them, then take them to the used book store and get credit for books you really want, or take the cash

    My wife and I love books and I thought your tips were excellent. I especially like the garage sailing idea. When the weather warms up we are going to go look for some books. Happy New Year to you. :)

    1 reply

    Thank you! I appreciate it, please enjoy garage sailing when the season comes. Happy New Years!

    My library has a sale about once a month where you can get a grocery bag full of books for only $3! Good tips!

    You can even ask for them for free on Freecycle if there's a group near you.

    Libraries sometimes sell off old books, too.

    Yippee! Cheap books! Your right, there are always books to be found at garage sales.

    1 reply