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This box is meant to intimidate/taunt your curiosity about buttons and switches. I cant show you how to build it because i was too lazy. It is really simple to build if you know about switches and buttons. I did however make a video to give you an idea on what it should look like. Other than that this box is pretty useless but if you put a little louder buzzer in here you can set it on your desk and put a try me sticker and the kids/adults will jump out of their skin when they press that big red button!!! well actually its tiny

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    you must of miswired it somehow if it can blow up ur house okay now connect the battery to the siren there i think thats right :P

    hey kids u wanna intimadate ur parents with a doorbell then attach it to batteries and away u go wow! total control maybe i can control the principal wow it works i rule yay

    Directly copy and pasted from the video page
    "What kind of videos can I post?
    Submit your how-to videos, show off what you have made or are currently making. Just make sure the videos are your own."

    I admit that this isn't the best video for Instructables, but it is allowed.

    see its quite simple just ask and ill give you the parts list with links the reason i didnt do an instructable is because its simple the battery is hooked to the spst switch witch is hooked to the pushbutton which is hooked to the speaker btw the ground is hooked to the spst as well and then from the spst directly to the speaker and thats it i just drilled the holes and made the connections.