Buzz Lightyear Mini Replica (Toy Story)




Introduction: Buzz Lightyear Mini Replica (Toy Story)

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Here is my Buzz Lightyear Mini Replica re-posted due to the quality of my old pictures. He was cut in half like a real toy so I could add better articulation to him. His legs were made from a mega blocks iron man figure. The face, chest plate, and helmet were taken off of a buzz mini figure. The instruction Manual and the box was edited on Microsoft paint Here's a video of it on YouTube.

The second image is my old buzz

Step 1: The Spaceship Box

The spaceship was edited on microsoft paint, everything moded to make the box look accurate and have buzz fit inside. feel free to use for any small buzz figure or re-size to fit the Disney store buzz

Step 2: The Templates That Were Used

The old images I used didn't work out well. So I found these images on the internet. the only templates that were still used were the feet

Step 3: The Instruction Manual

For the instruction manual It was difficult to find all the pages, until I managed to come across images on a review on the Chogokin Buzz Lightyear figure. Again the images were formatted to fit and make straight adjustments. Feel free to use for any small buzz or your Toy Story Collection Replicas on Pixar Planet

Step 4: Instructions for Printing Manual

print the manual double sided, but be careful not to cut any text off

Step 5: Out With the Old in With the New !!!

Here's a comparing of the old buzzes over months. overall the newer buzz I made is much better than before. Also I don't pose him that much so this is NajmyMan100 saying "To Infinity And Beyond"

Step 6: To Infinity and Beyond!!

I add rubber bands around his shoulders to mimic the black rubber around the shoulders.

Step 7: New Wing Mechanism

I modified the wing pack mechanism to be similar to the F-Toys toy story real figure from Japan. I also added a new box

Step 8: Pictures Just for Fun

Step 9: And I Forgot

the helmet, face,feet and armor is used from this buzz figure from Hong Kong



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    I would love the file of the spaceship. Would you be able to send it via email? Thanks!

    What's the official name of the mini buzz


    2 years ago

    Hi Najmyman100, I'm trying to download
    the buzz lightyear box, and it doesn't download. Can you send it to me
    by email?

    Thank you!!

    1 reply

    Were you able to get the link to download the template for the spaceship? I'm having trouble, the link doesn't work...

    The Hong Kong Buzz Lightyear came off Ebay

    Where did you get the buzz from Hong Kong

    would anyone be able to email me the spaceship?

    Thank you! Just finished making one for our 4 y/o guy. He got a small Buzz for Christmas (fast food meal toy from eBay) and wanted a rocket to go with it. I used a small white box and taped the printables over top of it for strength. You should have seen the grin on his face!!