Buzz Lightyear's Box (Spaceship)

Introduction: Buzz Lightyear's Box (Spaceship)

About: I am a software developper, addicted to props

I always liked the Toy Story movies. At first, I could not find anything to do on these movies. But, looking a little more, I found the Buzz Lightyear's box that seemed pretty easy to do. It was just about finding the design!

Material :

  • Glossy paper
  • Printer
  • Scotch tape
  • Glue stick
  • Transparent sheet (like a Plastic Paper Protector)

I speak french so there might be English mistakes. Sorry in advance.

Step 1: Print and Cut Everything

Fortunately, I came across these models of the box of Buzz Lightyear. That helped me a lot. I did not have to do the design from scratch. So, the first step was to print all on multiple pages. I have provided you Word files that I used for printing. The dimension should be good. The height of my box is almost 12 1/2''. When you finish printing, proceed to the cutting.

Files here :

Step 2: Assemble the Puzzle

According to the two designs of the first step, I assembled the box. To attach two papers together I used scotch tape.

Step 3: Details Before Constructing the Box

As you can see at this moment, there is parts that must be insert into other parts (like a 3D puzzle). I used an Xacto for this.

Step 4: Plastic Window

As you can see, I cut the 3 front parts of the box. Then, I used my Plastic Paper Protector, previously cut to fit, and I glued it to the front (at the back of the front design)

Step 5: Build the Box

With everything "scotch" together, simply fold all the parts of the box according to the model of the box (you can help you with the pictures I gave you). Simple puzzle.

Step 6: Final Result

An easy DIY project for everyone for cheap. It cost me 0$. Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.

- John, from Canada



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