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This is one of my favorite troop setups for attacking in clash of clans. If you have any other troops you would like to suggest or change on mine please send me a comment. Hope you like this instructable and please like and follow! (PS) I screwed up in the attack. I forgot to put another heal spell and rage spell in my spell factory and I forgot to ask for clan castle troops. I'll be posting another instructable for another favorite troops for attacking in a week or so.

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Step 1: My First Barrack

Step 2: My Second Barrack

Step 3: My Third Barrack

Step 4: My Forth Barrack

Step 5: Here Are My Spells I Used

I forgot to put another heal spell and a rage....sorry about that. :(

Step 6: I Used My Archer Queen and Barb King Too

Step 7: The Village I Attacked and the Outcome of the Attack!

I was happy with a 2 star and I got some decent loot!

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