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hello it's my proyect. :3

Step 1:

It is certainly difficult to place attachments to bicycles, and that these additions do not impair the operation of the bicycle, it is why we seek the most appropriate way to adapt the generator.

This mechanical part fits the bicycle chain, since it is designed for this function. To adapt the star, a bicycle part called rear hub, which has adapted the star screwing changed.

The gear was performed only to that adapted to swivel meshing generator, not a mechanical calculation was considered, but if rotation of the rotor to the generator for calculating the energy provided by said generator is considered.

Step 2: The Step Motor

before proceeding with the mechanical process, move on to the most important generator that is based on a stepper motor, it has two coils and each coil generates its own electricity from alternating type, this allowed us to independently take such power, or to add it to increase the electrical voltage or increase the power, all this depends on the configuration you choose, which was chosen add them parallel, since this would increase the current provided by the generator, but before adding them, two rectifier bridges were placed diodes with silicon diode 4007, as shown in the following diagram and the next image.

Something very important is that it should make an H bridge for each coil, ie two bridges H plowed, is his decición, if they want to put the sum voltage or in parallel, recordadndo that parallel get more amperage but in series more voltage, in either case is imprecionante the energy that we get.

this is how it must assemble, do not be impatient, I'll put them to print the pcb.

Step 3:


the process of adapting the generator on the bicycle, began to consider, which wereadaptable to almost any bike speeds, is why a metal arm was used to reach the bottom of the chain, this would improve performance, problems decoupling between the chainand the star of the generator and possible clashes between the pedal and the generator, thus being more useful and easy to install optimal form. The following images show the process of the final stage adaptation of the generator in the bicycleshown.

I honestly cost trabjo because the pieces are large quisas with a 3D printer could be improved design but good is the main idea, so Podre them the process, I could not do step by step specifically but the idea is that the star turn with the bicycle chain, and agaegrane rotate the stepping motor, the electricity generated and passed throughcapacitors.

It fits together with the rear axle, fitting it with a nut. This facilitates the installation of the generator.
Steel arm movement easy engageable with the lower chain arm of an old lamp, only a portion of said arm is used, leaving only 16.8cm long, screwing to the base of the generator. The base arm adapted to steel, joining with adjustable screws, the chain is coupled to the star axis of the generator base, giving optimal functionality.

Step 4: Leds

And we will do with so much energy?, Comes to generating 12-30 volts depends on the size of the stepper motor, I made a lamp and a front-directional lights, acontinuacion you spondre the steps to the lamp ques way too easy.

Step 5:

This step is important, because we can make a circuit that controls the enrgia ie keep lel voltage 5 volts, this servirra to energize the light beam before it even charge a cell. spondre you images of all that is better than words.

Step 6: Material



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    2 years ago

    hey, I'm thinking in something like that. My idea was to store the max energy as possible in a battery. how did you calculate power, tension and current, rpm and momento?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I design a circuit to charge a similar rechargeable batteries of powerbank battery, if you want to calculate the current, I recommend you calculate the capacitance generated by your circuit because without capacitors can not give power to calculate the voltage obtained must be seen technical data stepper motor, placed at their outputs a multimeter in AC, turn the engine will give a value in voltage, this depente time rotation and touch, the technical data of the motor must come to voltage necessary for many rpm only invests calculations with the data you get your with multimeter