Bypass Norton Safty Time Limit


Introduction: Bypass Norton Safty Time Limit

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If you have Norton safety minder and your mom or dad has put a timer to limit your game time then i have the instuctables for you.

part credit goes to my brothers for helping me.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any punishments you get what so ever.


Step 1: Task Manager

First open task manager by pressing Control, Alt and Delete at the same time.

Note: Sorry about the photo quality.

Step 2: End Processor

Find the processor named ccsvchst. end it.

Note: it mite not be the same name. Try leaving open a lot of programs and logging off. A notice should pop up asking you if you want to wait for every thing to save or end now. In this case look at the top of the notice, There should be a name to the program. thats the name you need.

Step 3: Notes

This dose not last forever. but your parents cannot counter this. give me questions.



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    If you want to do it the pro way, write a batch file that looks something like this:
    @echo off
    choice /C X /T 9000 /D X > nul
    taskkill /f /im program.exe

    Change /T 9000 to the number of seconds after start up that you want it to kick in

    use windows automation to run it at start up

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    I'm trying to do that. When I save the file then try to run it, the cmd comes up empty and unresponsive, only beeping when I press a key. Help?

    its so hard to just get 20 minute of game time each week. I'm 13 so cant i get some time to play.

    Simple, because most parents follow the news reports on computer use... And the only things that are newsworthy in that area are the BAD ones.

    Sitting in front of a computer is no better than sitting in front of a TV. Both are harmless, in modest doses, and toxic if over-done.

    Get off the couch, go outside, and do something. An inactive childhood will lead to life-long health problems. (And not all that long of one, either.)

    Exactly my point. The majority of people are only aware of the BAD things about using computers.

    There are plenty of good things about using computers. But sitting on your butt in front of a computer for three hours straight is BAD, no matter what you are doing on it.

    Three hours, yes. However, most parents seem to think that "too long" is anything over half an hour.

    too long for me is not until i hit the hour make on a timer. though i rarely get that far without one of my siblings(8 of them) wanting a turn.

    It doesn't matter. You have this attitude of "I'm entitled to everything". A computer is not a necessity you know... when I was your age I had computer privileges taken away for hacking. I went through Jr. High and a good part of High School using my parents old type writer for any paper that had to be typed. If I were your parents, you would not be using your computer for a good year if you tried to bypass any restrictions I put in place on your computer. Remember that your parents are looking out for you... they are not always the monsters you think them to be. Even if they don't understand things about computers, they still want what's best for you.

    I would assume that that was back when computers didn't have mice... And I'm not one of THOSE people, I just understand how different a person I would be if I hadn't had regular, mostly unrestricted access to a computer throughout my middle- and high-school time. As for it being a necessity, where I went to school it WAS.

    You might be surprised at how young I actually am. Think Win 95-ME era. I understand how different a person I would be if I had unrestricted access to a computer throughout my middle and high school time; and it doesn't look at all good. I'm not saying you are someone who is going to go hack the CIA for fun, (and if you were... it might help you get a job later) but the point is that you can do without a computer. Trust me... I thought it was a necessity too; since I planned to go into computer networking for a living at that time, but I found out differently. I know that it is different these days in school, but there is always a way to do something without a computer. It takes longer... a computer makes it easier; but it is not a necessity. All I see in this instructable is a rebellious 13 year old who has no respect for his parents. If he did, he would ask their permission for more computer time rather than try to bypass their authority.

    For one, I'm not 13-I'm 19, and two, at the school I went to it was necessary for several classes due to our not having the library of congress within 500 miles.

    1. Gee... given your grammar level, you sure fooled me about your age. 2. The Library Of Congress was even farther for me... I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. 3. If you are 19 and you still have restrictions on your computer, there has to be something else going on.

    I said I don't have restrictions and I haven't for years. The only restrictions I ever really had were based around the pointless need to sleep.

    Have you actually spoken to your parents about this?

    If the Internet is so harmless, it should be easy to persuade them to remove the restrictions...

    tried this is exactly what he said: you spend to much time playing games. [if your going to use this computer then play an educational game] i said [i do i play on] he said [then play something else] so i did but it still ended up him researching more computer control software.