Byte Flipper - Code Segment

If you ever find yourself needing to flip a byte to preserve Endianness, try this quick little implementation!

byte byteFlipper(byte inByte) // Flip a Byte!
    flippedByte = 0;
    workingByte = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i <= 7; i++)
        workingByte = bitRead(inByte, i);
	flippedByte |= workingByte << (7 - i);
    return flippedByte; 


- Pass in a byte

- Read bit starting with the i-th

- Store in i-th place of workingByte variable

- Shift that bit left by i places

- Take bitwise logical OR with workingByte and flippedByte


flippedByte = 00000000
workingByte = 00000001
	OR ____________
flippedByte = 00000001       

- Repeat 8 times

- Return flipped byte

Note: This code can be changed to accommodate any size data type.



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