C# Programming Tutorials for Beginners 11/03/2017

Introduction: C# Programming Tutorials for Beginners 11/03/2017

About: Software engineer, Creator of Android developer suite, RDEditor(program by voice), SamsungTool, Andvanced raspberry pi NOOBS package, D1rtySn0w icloud removal

In this video series i am covering a wide range of tutorials for beginners and implementing features even experts have trouble with implementing.
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The fun thing about this we not only build projects together, but there is no theory!! sure i explain things during the process but the things i explain are mandatory for program operation.
there is no "the first step of programming is data and how to research", i only explain things we need to use(mainly everything) but only when we need them!

Follow my channel, videos are uploaded twice a week, 15 mins each time and your always left with a functioning program after it!

First thing you wanna do is download and install microsoft visual studio 2015 community edition from here - https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/
When installing, choose basic installation.
Ready to learn?

Step 1: Project 1, Part 1

Here we cover building the basic form of a text editor, steps are simple

1. Creating a project
2. Adding needed controls

3. Theming the UI

4. Adding the functions

Step 2: Project 1, Part 2

In this video we cover additional features

1. Slight rendering
2. Adding a cursor map

3. The search capabillity

4. Adding the find and replace function

5. introduction to strings

Step 3: Project 2, Slot Machine in 15 Minutes

This ones abit fun, quite rewarding actually.

Here we make a basic slot machine.
I also cover the following
1. Integer and string data types
2. Converting integers to strings
3. If statements
4. For loops(very slightly)
5. Random number generation

Step 4: Project 3, Web Browser/Youtube Downloader in 10 Minutes

In this lesson i show you how to build a basic web browser with youtube video downloading capabillities.
I also teach things like

- Using events
- Taking advantage of certain controls
- Making 2 controls collaborate with eachother

- Using a background thread to update a GUI control
- Multithreading

Its very simple, so please dont get scared reading that :)

Step 5: Project 4, Android Multitool in 20minutes

- File and folder browsing dialogs
- Executing executable with system diagnostics and setting args
- Using a property of a control as a string
- If statements

Next tutorial we will be making a Desktop like application with a dock, able to change the wallpaper, display the time, internet strength, battery percentage etc

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