C.A.A.R ( Combat Adaptice Assault Rifle)





Introduction: C.A.A.R ( Combat Adaptice Assault Rifle)

About: Your probably thinking that im nuts liking math but i like the challenge and i have a REALLY mathematical mind with almost no imagination so i like something that is concrete and that i know will be the same...

This is my entry to oblivitus's revolutionary knex guns 2

Turret: 110 feet with finned red rod, 80 feet with oodammo.
Oodamo mag: 70 feet
Grey Connector mag: 50 feet
# of removable/ interchangeable parts : 5 and 1/2 (I'll explain that in the slide show) ,a removable mag
and 2 sights.
This slide show is not done i will put up more pictures as they upload

I will not be posting this gun. Although i may post a improved version

I think that that's all



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    Sad to say but true, the gun I currently have is way better than yours. It's capable of beating this guns tail 7 ways from Sunday.

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    Yes it was but I have a gun I'm working on that's similar to this one but is way better.(The gun you saw 2 pictures of on k'nexgurl's orange board.)

    Go visit my profile if you want to know more about it. I have a forum topic posted there.

    Well, I don't have the rifle any more. Trigger failed to work properly. I still have the other one and it does the same thing as this while still being able to do more. I'm going to post an instructable soon.

    1. Look at the dates. this was published in May and oblivitus's forum topic was published in July.
    2. This was a contest entry for oblivitus's knex gun contest 2 : )
    (PM him if you don't believe me)

    dude this is one of the best guns i have ever seen. 5* and please post in any way, either wat recon said or wat knexsuperbulderfreak said.

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    looks really cool especially since it looks as if it uses less pieces than building 3 different guns really good for cheap/broke people like me.5♠