CAD V8 Engine




This is one of the engines i have been designing over the last couple of weeks , it is a V8 SOHC, naturally aspirated, although i am thinking of turbo-charging it ahaha. It was drawn in Auto-desk Inventor Pro

EDIT: I am now currently in the process of turbo-charging this engine and its gonna be MAAAD!! :D so like and subscribe for more!! i will be posting other designs i have previously done as well soon :)

EDIT AGAIN: Turbo mods have been done and finished except for an inter-cooler and waste gates and a few other things like that :P the first pic is the current version, hope you like it, any constructive feed back is greatly appreciated, thanks :)



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    6 Discussions

    Jamie bagn

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I use Autodesk Inventor Pro myself but I couldn't imagine trying to make something like this!
    Have you used driven dimensions to make all the parts move together? If so a video would be awesome!

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    knex-manJamie bagn

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Its not too difficult after time, learning how to use the program properly is the hardest thing! And yes i have constrained all the parts so they move, so maybe a video soon! :)