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1 small box of cardboard

1 hammer

1 nail

1 pliers

1 iron duck tape (to taste)

1 string guitar (new / broken)

1 paper clip

2 coins(old coin)

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Step 1: Make a Snare Drum

guitar strings cut with pliers (length adjusting box)
pairs pieces of string on box with ducktape

Step 2: Make Hihat :p

flip a coin with the pliers, hit with a hammer on iron
as thin as desired, hit with a hammer round in the middle so that the curved coin

Step 3: Punching Holes in Coins

holes in the middle of the coins to be put into a paper clip

Step 4: Finishing

bend the paper clip as a photo and replace the coin then bend the paper clip and trim
attach a paper clip in box

enjoy playing

try to create and share the results that you create (I would be very happy)

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    2 years ago

    I was wondering what a Cajon was. It was kind of fun figuring it out. I watched the video before I read the title of step 1.

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