Introduction: "CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS" Mask

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How to make your own Black Ops CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS Mask

Step 1: A Black Long Sleeve T-shirt

Look for a used black long sleeve Shirt and cut the sleeves ( XL or XXL Size for Adults )

Step 2: The Marker Line

Mark a line right on the middle and across were the eyes and nose will go. Preferred you put it on and make a dot on your eyes wit a marker.

Step 3: The Painting

1.) Cut a small circle were the eyes will go 2.) Look at the image of call of duty ghosts and freehand a outer line on the sleeve 3.) Put a 1/4 inch right on the middle of the sleeve and add two oval shape tape for the nose 4.) Paint with white Fabric Paint.

Step 4: The Ghosts Mask On

photo shoot of the Call of Duty Ghost Mask



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    33 Discussions

    Freakin awesome dude!

    im confused, do u do something to the top of the mask like sew it together or cut the top into triangles then sew it, i really want to make one

    2 replies

    I like it alot

    can you also try the mask that only covers the lower part of the face(mouth and nouse)?

    I can't seem to get the eyes
    Right like in the oval shape
    Do you have en advice

    1 reply

    Do this, Put the long sleeve shirt on your head and have someone else put a little circle were your eyes are with a marker or like a white chalk, so a small circle first then if you need to make the circle bigger you can.

    I'm not as talented as you and mines came out horrible. I ended up buying one from http://scorefangear.com

    Awesome best I've ever seen

    Do any other kinds of glue work?

    Awesome defiantly gonna make this

    Its Called Fabric Paint get it at a Crafting store Like joann store, Michael store or Hobby lobby The paint dries up in an hour.