Introduction: COOL CAR PRANK

Learn how to perform a cool car prank using a simple zip tie.



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    Seriously? Bush with a potato wha??? That's funny.

    Ah, a modern version of the "couple of pebbles inside the hubcap" trick.

    You can do this on a rear wheel drive vehicle too.... I am have done it many times in the past....haha. Just put the zip ties on the driveshaft. It makes a heck of a noise and there is nothing under there to damage, as the driveshaft sets up in a depression in the bottom of the car.

    What was that about shooting george bush in the face with a potato cannon?!?!

     Yeah this may be "cool" or "funny" But it wont be funny when that zip raps its self around the rubber brake line and rips its free. IMO this is a bad idea... could land you in possible trouble if you cause a wreck. 

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    Those are no where near the drive shaft though. A split second of thought should be all it takes to make sure nothing is hit...

    in that location what you would also have to worry about is gas (depending on the age of the car), automatic transmission, or any other electrical lines, this prank can cut them if you are not careful

    HAHAHAHA! I know what I'm doing to my mom's car... as soon as I find the zip ties xD

    Great prank and still a classic. with a modern twist via the camera and mic. It seems like every HVAC contractor that comes to the jobsite tries this little goody at least once....Bums! Anyway, we usually retaliated with.... 1.We made "bumperstickers" with white duct tape...."Gay Pride" one one side of the bumper and "Honk if you're horny!" on the other. Or any combo you choose. That works great if the target is a homophobe or easily flustered. 2.Glue his/her windshield wipers down with white glue, it's easier for them to remove than super glue. 3. Put firework type "smoke balls" up his cars tailpipe until they fall in the muffler. The heat from the exaust will lighy them and He'll be driving down the street with colored smoke trailing behind. 4. Wire the horn to blow when the ignition is turned on. Happiness and fun for everyone.

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    Wire the horn to the brake lights. That way the person in front of him will shoot him. We had a guy that went on and on about going to Florida with his family. I stuck a "Just Married" sign to his trunk where he could not see it in the rear view. He blasted out the parking lot to pick up the fam and head out on a weeks vacation. He didn't realize the sign was back there until he got home wondering why people passing him grinning, smiling, blowing their horns as they passed.

    I did this to a friend of mine in high school it worked like a charm!!!!

    Im a mechanically-inclined guy, and I thought this is brilliant. If a prank is harmless, yet gets a good reaction, its all good in my book! Now to find some huge zip-ties!

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     BRILLIANT!!!!! doing this to my mother today, she's got a nice expensive mercedes E-class and she is SERIOUSLY paranoid about every little squeek it makes

    And I can charge her for "fixing" it later! woot woot woot!

    i once did this to a "friend" with a bronco that was lifted about 2 feet past normal...i swear i had like 14 zip ties on the thing...those big 1.5" thick industrial guys.....he took it to the shop at least 4 times before he got it "fixed"...i think the mechanic lifted his truck once...saw what was happening and decided to only remove a few at a time so that he'd have to keep coming back....pretty funny....i think it ended up costing him something like $200 to $300 bucks to get them all off...but....he deserved it

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    That is awesome. Great prank hugh. I can't believe he didn't figure it out. Some people are so gullable. Thanks for the comment.