Introduction: CARD WARS

card wars is a game from adventure time and iv all ways wonted to play it but i never was abel to get the cards so i got picks of the achal cards and mad a cheper veshn and its good

Step 1: Building

so lets get building so wat youl need is a printer.paper.pitza box.tape

Step 2: Cards

first youl need cards here ar the starter cards

Step 3: The Bord

petza box and pant it as shown

Step 4: Land Cards

print out the landscape and cutout. and play

Step 5: Rules

Bring creatures into play onto specific Landscape tiles. Fight every turn with your opponent’s creatures. Make it through their magical ranks of creatures and score 25 hits against your opponent to win. The loser is a dweeb, and the winner is a cool guy! draw 5 cards During your turn you take several steps in order until your turn is over. Then your opponent gets a shot. Do this on your turn…

Ready your cards (turn them back upright).Draw a card.You get two Actions. Spend those Actions to play cards! Cards cost a number of Actions. Some cost nothing (woo hoo!), others cost as much as two (yipe!). You can even spend one Action to draw a card.Do you want to Floop? You can turn some cards sideways and use their ability. That’s called Flooping. But Flooped cards can’t fight. You can actually Floop at any time during you turn. Just not right in the middle of a fight.Fight! Your characters fight your opponent’s characters in the same lane. Each does its Attack Value in damage to the other simultaneously. If any character’s damage equals its defense that creature is discarded. If in fact, there is no character in the same lane, then you damage your opponent – crushing them party-dance style!You’re done.That’s it! You must balance your available Actions – hoping to not get any lame cards and try your best to be a “Card Wars super Amadeus!” Hopefully the seas will align and the five winds will waft the smell of victory to your palace doors! o and print the counters of 1 per player AND COMETS MEAN A LOT TO ME :)

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    3 years ago

    Can you please put some photos of the blue team cards

    Fin the human
    Fin the human

    4 years ago on Step 2

    wow awesome I also have a card wars intractable.