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As a bicycle mechanic, when I strip a bike down I need something to hold all the parts that have been removed. There are times when I will have two or three bikes stripped down. So I decided to make some parts trays  using some sturdy cardboard and duct tape. Extremely simple to build and they work great.  The duct tape allows grease and oil to be wiped off with ease.


Cardboard. Duct tape and electrical tape

INSTRUCTIONS:  Cut your duct tape in lengths to line the inside and outside of the cardboard container. I used electrical tape to cover the edge that wasn't covered by the duct tape. Smooth  out all the tape and you are done. Make one or many depending on your requirements.  See the photos.



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    You could probably just paint the boxes too. A couple of coats of latex should rubberize them pretty good. Some places that mix paints sell reject cans for a buck a pop. Cheaper than duck tape. Although the tape may reinforce the box better. When I want a plastic tray I go right to the source, I cut apart a plastic jug. Now that I'm thinking about it I bet you could take your cardboard box and put it into one of those plastic shopping bags, then when it gets dirty you can toss the bag and put another onto it. I like that, I mean who really likes to wipe up oily grease anyways?

    This is something my hubby and son-in-law would make. I will share the link! Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!