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I absolutely love llamas. This Halloween it felt too boring for me to dress up, but why not dress up the cat?! Here is how to make a llama cat costume.

Begin by researching llamas and the type of style you want- some might go for more of a rugged llama look, but I’m going for more of a cartoon llama look.

Step 1: Step One: Research Designs and Draw Out Your Costume

Step one: Research the type of llama you would like. Maybe its more of a rugged llama with hair, or it might be more of a cartoon! Then, draw out your ideas. The best ideas and inventions in the world started as a sketch. I drew this out to visualize and plan for what I wanted.

Step 2: Find Your Subject

This is my subject, his name is Jack and he is 12. :)

Step 3: Step Two: Measure Your Subject.

To measure for the llama costume I have designed, here are 5 easy measurements you must take

Next to the measurements I also have the measurements I found for my cat

1. Around the “crown of the head” (12”)

2. Around the head and under the chin (12”)

3. Around the middle of the cat's belly (20”)

(These two measurements are shown on the drawing)

4. How high you want the llama neck and head (I chose 6”)

5. How long the cats back is or how long you want the “saddle” part to be. (10”)

Step 4: Step Three: Materials Needed!

Here are the materials you'll need. (I put the quantity I bought next to the item)

- Grey, pink and white felt

- White thicker material ( 1 yard)

- Tassels for decoration (1 yard and 1/3)

- Ribbon for around the "saddle" (1 yard and 1/3)

- Grey or Black embroidery floss

Other materials not pictured:

- A sewing machine

- Scissors

- A colored thread that matches the material

- Batting or cotton balls for stuffing.

- Velcro for the belly strap and the chin strap

- Fabric glue

Step 5: Step Four: Sewing the Blanket

Sewing the blanket

I measured my white material out 9 by 10 inches and then cut it. I sewed around the edge and I cut off excess string. I did not flip it inside out, but instead, I left it because I was sewing the edge with a patterned ribbon

I then measured out the ribbon for each of the 4 sides, cut it so it was overlapping on the corners and then sewed it to the white blanket

For the blanket straps that reach around the belly, I measured them 8 inches long by one inch (Give or take a few cms, like Bob Ross says there are no mistakes just happy accidents.)

The 8 inches (Plus the 9-inch width of the blanket) allows overlap so the velcro can attach and be snug

I then sewed the perimeter of those so they would not unravel and then sewed them to the underside of the blanket

For the tassels, I sewed them just under the decorative ribbon so they would hang off the sides.

Step 6: Step 6: Sewing the Head

Cut a 6x8 inch square (The height is 6 inches, the circumference will be 16 since the "crown" on the cats head is 12, it gives extra room for cutting and sewing)

Trace a semi-circle at one end of the square, then sew along that line and cut (I ended up sewing mine down a little "thinner"

Then try it on your cat to make sure it stands up and fits their head

Facial features:

Next, take your grey and pink felt. Cut a circle about 3 inches wide of the grey, and two-quarter sizes of the pink (These will make the cheeks)

*(Before embroidering, make sure you only go through one side of the llama, we need to stuff him later on!)

Draw on the eyes and the nose/mouth, I chose to do mine closed with eyelashes, this spot will be where you will sew the embroidery thread

Now, sew on the line for the nose/mouth and eyes. I used a "loop" type stitch instead of just straight lines

I then cut 4 ears, about 3 inches long with a little curve to them, then I sewed two together so they would stand up straight. I also cut out a smaller pink version to line the inside of the ear, and I used Elmer's glue to stick it on. I later used fabric glue to stick on the face/ nose and cheeks.

Then I sewed the ears to the top of the back of the head.

For stuffing and standing upright:

I stuffed the llama 1/2 full with cotton balls (You can use batting also). This allows the cat's ears to sit comfortably and not be squished. Then I cut a 12 inch by 1-inch strip of cardstock and shaped it into a ring, this allowed structure like a crown so the llama head wouldn't fall over.

Step 7: Step 7: Final Touches!

I got to this stage and I didn't realize that I didn't have velcro, so instead, I safety pinned together the two straps under the belly for the saddle.

I also used the ribbon from earlier, measured out 6 inches each and then sewed it to the inside of the llamas head. Then I pinned the strap together.

Step 8: Llama

Here is the final Llama :)



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    14 Discussions


    5 months ago

    Whoah! We need to see a video of how Jack dances in his new Llama outfit. Good job!

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    Hi Sherwin77! Thank you! Jack definitely does some sort of cat rodeo when I put this on him. Haha!


    Reply 5 months ago

    Hi LeslieGeee! Haha, Yes, Jack has had quite a few years in costume practice. Although he used to protest it, he has come to slightly enjoy it now. :)


    5 months ago

    Have you noticed if the cat is plotting your death yet? My old cat would have ended me with the first part of the costume. Nice work; and great work on surviving this long...

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    Hi Oldbear! After donning the hazmat suit, I was able to keep a safe distance while using grill tongs to slide on the llama head. Though I have taken off his costume, the suit has not left me. I keep catching him peeking around corners, I think you're onto something... :)


    5 months ago

    Poor little creature!
    I hope it will speed under the sofa and thus get immediately rid of this "construction"... :-(

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    Hi DietzM! Yes, I tried to convince him that he was a stunner but he kept trying to shake it off! Silly old cat.


    5 months ago

    highly amusing - at least to me - my cats are more like: " don't u dare, human! "

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    Hi Mimikry, Thank you for your vote! Yes, haha he definitely glared at me a few times while I kept adjusting the llama head.

    Hi Jessyratfink! Thank you so much! I think this is his favorite costume yet, he was a little less grumpy than he was in a Yoda costume. :)