CAT Led Lamp




“The CAT’S parts”

The Lamp dimension: length 22 X Height 56 centimeters

The lampshade: length 22 X Height 26 centimeters (oil filter and air filter different brands will have different sizes)

The idea is to recycle the CAT’s parts such as fuel filter, oil filter, and air filter. They all come in different size, it depend on the type and how big of the CAT’s engine. The shape is basic, they are all cylinders that look like the lamp already in my mind. All you need are few more things to make into the lamp.

Supplies that you need to do the “CAT’s parts” lamp project.

1. Any kind of used fuel filter, oil filter, and air filter. (maybe some other brands will work as well)

2. Any kind of wood. (for the bottom base and socket base)

3. All purpose glue, thin 2 sides tape, and metal glue.

4. Paper for the screen. (cream or white or any colors that you want)

5. Electrical for the lamp set such as wire, plug, switch, light bulb socket, LED light bulb, and other.

6. Spray clear lacquer and spray paint. (copper color)

7. Coconut oil. (cold pressed)

8. Decorated things such as rocks, Die cast toys. (I used wheel loader CAT980K)

Step 1: Cleaning Parts

Steps and process of how to make the "CAT" lamp.

1. First you need to clean the fuel filter and it might take days to get rid of the smell of the fuel. For the air filter you need to cut the top cap out, in order to remove the filter paper. (the bottom cap will not be use, It’s too big, so you need to look for another top cap)

Step 2: Electrical Stuffs

2. Get all the electrical components for the lamp such as wire, plug, switch, light socket, LED light bulb. Take plug and switch apart and spray paint them with copper color. Next is to put all the parts together. Next is to put all the parts together. (masking tape the parts that you don’t want to paint)

Step 3: Drills

3. Make the bottom wooden bases and wooden light socket base. You can use the router to cut the wood base and drill a hole at center of the base and use all purpose glue, then screw the wooden base attach to the fuel filter and drill at the light socket wooden base for the wire to go through. Next you need to use all purpose glue to attach the light socket wooden base to the other end of the fuel filter. You also need to drill the fuel filter at the bottom and on the side near the bottom, so the wire can go through to the top cap. At this point you can apply the coconut oil (cold pressed) on to the wooden bases and wait until it’s dry.

Note: use the drill bit big enough, so that the wire can go through.

Step 4: Lamp Shade

4. Let’s work on the lampshade. First I mixed up the rust color by using
acrylic paint and use my finger to paint on the outer metal cylinder to make it look like it rusted. For the top cap, the material is metal, so you keep spraying water on the cap and leave it out in the sun. It will rust and spray clear lacquer over the lampshade. After that part is finish, you need to glue the outer metal cylinder and inner metal cylinder to the top cap with the metal glue. It takes about 2 hours or more to dry. Then you start to cut the paper (that thick enough) same length as the lampshade, begin to fold the paper back and forth at every 2.5 centimeters, so it will look like the real air filter. Next you need to insert the folded paper in between the 2 metal cylinders, then use metal glue to glue the bottom cap. Use the “L” shape bracket to attach with nuts and bolted to the inner metal cylinder. This method is to screw down the lampshade to the wooden socket base, make sure all screws are tight. Next is to connect the wires that come through the fuel filter to the light socket and screw down the light socket in place.

Note: you should pre-drill the holes before, it makes the screw go in easier.

Step 5: Decoration

5. The decoration on the lampshade. You glued the small rocks in place. (Different size of the rocks, but it needs to be in the same scale as the wheel loader CAT980K or other that you have). Then use the paper to block off from the rocks area and spray clear lacquer over the small rocks. Last thing is to use small pieces of 2 sides tape at all 4 wheels of wheel loader and adjust the working position.

Note: that before you glued the rocks, make sure that CAT’s logo on the lamp facing outward and the wire should be at the opposite side.

Special Thanks to; Mr. Noom

Step 6:



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    2 years ago

    Great job ! For the paper, I might try "Luminary Bag" or search for "Paper Lantern" on the internet. The paper they use for bag lanterns is flame proof. Just in case you are going to use a hot light bulb. Thank you for the idea of using the fuel filter.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    yes, that might work better.
    thank you very much.


    2 years ago

    The CAT front loader adds the finishing touch.

    1 reply