Crafted a festive mask for the DODO VR.

Build time: 10 mins

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Step 1: Sketch and Cut Design

On black paper, first sketched a drawing of cat ears, eyes and mouth using the dimensions of the DODO box. Cut out cat head and eyes using x-acto knife.

Cut a rectangular piece of yellow paper. Then traced a hole where the camera's lens would be.

Step 2: Add Eyes and Final Touches

Glued the eyes to the back of the black paper, then drew the eyes. Added final touches using metallic markers.

Final step was to glue cat mask to DODO VR case.

Now you have a festive, Halloween addition to your DODO case.

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    DODOcase is the company that sponsored the Build Night program we participated in with this Instructable. In addition to their line of cases for various devices, they have an all-in-one kit to create a Google Cardboard style Virtual Reality headset which includes all the parts you need. We modded on of those in this Instructable.


    Thank you so much
    I am from Norway and Germany, and SHY,
    I have to ask ifI want to know.
    By chance do you know if they still have Kits available

    Thank you



    This looks really cool and cute! I like how you used different layers for a crisp color transistion. Good work!