CB750 Engine Stand

Introduction: CB750 Engine Stand

I made it at TechShop Pittsburgh!! http://www.techshop.ws

How to make a bench stand to hold Honda CB750 engine out of steel

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Step 1: Raw Steel

Procured a sheet of 10 gauge steel from my local Metal Supermarket. I used a buddys retail purchased stand to draw out the pattern. But as long as you measure out the distance between the bolt holes and raise them up a bit so the bottom of the motor will clear your work surface, you can vary from this design.

Step 2: Saw Off the Feet

I used the horizontal band saw to saw off a strip from the raw sheet and then cut that into four even pieces. These will become my feet for the stands. 

Step 3: Finishing the Feet

I then used the grinding wheel to round off the corners of the four feet so they would not have sharp edges. Also, ground down  the burrs from cutting them.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Sides.

The sides had curves in the pattern, so I used the drill press to make some relief holes at the bend, so that when the saw blade got to that section, it wouldnt be stressed and I could make the turn to finish the cut. I cut these pieces out using the vertical band saw.

Step 5: Still Cutting Out the Sides

I made some more straight relief cuts at the bends in the pattern so I could cut more material out with the vertical band saw.

Step 6: Finishing the Sides

After I got as close as i could with the saw, I needed to grind down my edges. The shape of the piece made it hard to use the grinding wheel on the curved sections, so I used a hand tool with a grinding stone attachment.

Step 7: Welding the Feet On

I used the TIG welder to weld the feet to the sides. Took a little messing around to get the right setting, but finally achieved the best results with 150amps and 1/8 filler rod. I ground the fillet edge on an angle, so that the filler could set into the groove.

Step 8: Powder Coating

After cleaning up the pieces with some Simple Green and a wire brush, I powder coated them with Ink Black.

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