CD Case From a Scrap Paper (letter or A4)


Introduction: CD Case From a Scrap Paper (letter or A4)

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About ten years ago, I randomly thought it would be nice to make quick CD sleeves for all those random burned CDs when there aren't any around. I toyed around a bit and came up with this. Nearly everyone who has seen me doing it has used it now and again and often more again and again since, and eventually I put up a brief page on it but I think this is the place people ought to see this sort of thing.

Step 1: Material

Start with a piece of paper, letter or A4 is good. It doesn't have to be unused, any scrap paper given/sent/pre-used works fine.

Step 2: Start Folding

Fold the bottom half up far enough to render the whole thing about 5 1/4 inch high. This usually means around two inches gap (more won't really be as much of a problem as less - around 5.6 cm (2 1/5 inch) on an A4. Ain't unit conversion grand..) between the top and folded up part..

Step 3: Keep It Up

Flip it over, the folded side now facing down. Fold one end over toward the center. There is plenty of leeway here but not too far from the edge, leave plenty of room and aim for around half or so.

Step 4: Other Side

Fold the other side over toward the middle, leaving about (again) 5 1/4" total. On a US letter paper, you will be overlapping around 1/4 inch between them. Eventually it'll be second nature. Around the size of a CD, no biggie. 1.5 cm (2/3 inch) on an A4.

Step 5: Tuck

Tuck one of the flaps inside the other. This will keep the thing together.

Step 6: Insert CD

Flip over and tuck CD slated for storage into it. It isn't hanging in the air like a jewel case, but certainly much more safe from scratch and fingerprint than before.

Step 7: All Done

You have produced a reasonable storage for data. They go very well in 5 1/4" disc boxes or even normal cd storage things that expect the DJ style sleeves. A leftover shoe box can also keep 100 (i.e. ~70Gb) of these.



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    11 Discussions

    Well done!

    I think it would be great to sign this case, for example using this program.

    Wow great very very simple and it works and looks great! :D I have loads of scraps that I just throw away. I am not going to stop here, I will be using promotional magazines and catalogs as well for this purpose. I have hundreds of DVDs lying around as the result of backing up my hard disks and making presentation disks for work. Thanks for the inspiration to use my old paper better, I am nearly tempted do dive into my trash can to save the cd sleeves in there.

    I just tried it to put my Power Point presentation in, I was expecting to spend maybe about 3 minutes on this thing, but really, it only took maybe about 15 seconds! WOW!And it works well and holds together. This is the best paper cd case I have ever read. Simple Fast Holds together. Thanks,and great instructable!


    11 years ago

    All I can say is....



    11 years ago

    So simple and yet so practical. This is a fantastic way to protect all those burnt CD's sliding around in your desk drawer, without spending a bundle on jewel cases. You can also write additional information on the sleeve itself concerning the CD's contents. Thank you for this instructable, I will get a lot of use out of it!

    I tried it and completed the whole thing in less than a minute -- why the surprise? I'm 58 years of age, female and assumed this was a 'guy thing' but I gave it a try anyway. It works and I will be using my scraps of paper now and saving more trees. Thanks.


    11 years ago

    Cool. Great job!

    Very Nice instructable. For years I have just been wrapping my CD's and using tape to hold the whole thing together. This is much quicker and simpler, and I feel bad I didn't think of doing it sooner.

    If you want a case with text on it use this site.
    It makes a pdf that you print out.
    Great instructable!!

    Nice Instructable, I've been using a similar idea for a while but it needs a little tape to stay together, this is a much better way.