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Introduction: CD Creations

About: I am the type of person that tries to make the most out of life. I take what opportunites I can and make the most of them. I am a DIY type of person that likes to build stuff: obvious since I am here on this...

I know of 3 CD creations that you can make.

1. CD Wheels
A. Put a slit in 2 CD's, interconnect them together, and glue them together where they meet.
B. This will create CD's that will allow them to roll along the floor and act like a wheel.

2. CD hovercraft
A. Take a CD, put a balloon over the circle on the CD, and glue it on.
B. You can blow into the balloon, set it on the ground, and allow air to blow out, watch it act as a hovercraft.

3. CD Bubble
A. Take a CD, put a lighter to it, but not too close, melt the CD partially, and blow through it, forming a bubble.
B. I was not able to do this, but I'm sure that it is possible to do it.



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