CD Hovercraft for Tabletop Hockey




Introduction: CD Hovercraft for Tabletop Hockey

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Make a hovercraft from an old CD, a balloon, and a soda bottle top.



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    Howtoons! this is awesome!! i love making cartoons and your inspiring!


    aha nice that's a cool little experiment and fun too good look HOWTOONS!!!

    I think he does everything in cartoons because he/she is cool, creative, and is a leader not a follower  plus he is talented enough to do so.. or it could be that is name is Howtoons  get it-- how toons 

    First no offense bu why is every thing you write in comic. Next Can you make it so you use some thing instead of the ballon (likea a small fan). Thirdly, did you know that the schools don't block this site.

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    I made an awsome rideable hovercraft with some plywood, a tarp. a leafblower. and some duct tape. It holds 330 pounds. It took about an hour to build and we already had all the supplies at home.

    We built one during my junior year of high school - 1997 - before mythbusters. Very easy to do. We'd stay after school and play on it. We could go as far as the extension cord would let us! :D

    Nope, I built it before I saw that episode. I got it off a website. It has only one platform and only has upward lift.

    it doesn't seem like it would last very long, since the balloon is constantly deflating.

    good idea, and the comic is very nice!

    Do you make all these comics?

    i love these comic instructables

    Yes, I reversed the original idea and glued the bottle neck (well just the thread down to the moulding flange) onto the CD so that the cap could be fitted to the balloon separately and used to inflate the balloon. I also glued a small piece of rubber-like material over the original CD hole making a couple of small holes to limit the air flow. The stuff I used didn't take the adhesive very well but I found I could just wedge it in the neck of the bottle with adequate effect.

    erm...u know for the balloon...(ok it sounds daft...but every time i see hover stuff with balloons it makes me wonder) i have to blow it up everytime...b4 i 'hover' it?