CD Landscape Border With Rainbow Projections




Why buy those expensive plastic landscape borders when you can make your own for free, recycle old cds and get the coolest side bennie in the process.

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Step 1: Start Collecting CDs!

1. Collect all of your old CDs and ask friends to help you out. I use old data CDs, promo CDs from online services, scratched DVDs, crappy music CDs and public relations kits on CD.

Step 2: Measure the Border Area

Each CD is 4.75" so simply divide the length of your border by 4.75 to determine how many CDs you have to save.

In my first project, I doubled up the CDs so the 'play' reflective side was facing out on both sides (the writing or covers faced inward). But, I found this largely unnecessary. I thought the border would be stronger with pairs of CDs but it really doesn't make that much of a difference.

Step 3: Dig a Trench

I found that burying the CD halfway is the best aesthetic and also adds strength to the border. I dug a trench (essentially, just about 1/2" or less - the width of your shovel blade or edger works) where I wanted the border.

Step 4: Insert CDs!

This is the fun part.

Now place the CDs with the "play" side facing the outside. In my case, I wanted the prettier side to face the street. If you want both sides to look pretty, then double up your cds so the play sides both face out.

In some cases, I let the CDs overlap to add to the support, so you may have to have a few extra CDs to allow for that overlap. If you have the trench prepared, you should have no need to do anything other than wiggle the CDs into place. If you need to tap the CDs in to make them snugger, then lay a towel over the CD edge and gently use a rubber mallet. I don't recommend banging them bc they do break.

Step 5: BONUS

I didn't expect this part but, when the sun shines on my border, little rainbows reflect on to the grass. It's so cool!

Also, I just created a border along my driveway and, at night, the CDs reflect the headlights so it looks like we have our own little landing strip.

Have fun!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    So whether there will be some insecurity? I still tend to use flowers to make hedges. About how to trimmer hedge articles...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    OH MAN ! My neighbors would FREAK ! ! Not for the first time though = ) I used to have cds hanging from fishing string on a swivel, the slightest breeze would send them moving and revolving flashing rainbows EVERYwhere ! After a while though it got annoying even to me so they have moved on. I prefer natural borders to hard edge otherwise Id be doing this tomorrow ! !