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Introduction: CD Mosaic

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Learn how to make a DIY, shiny mosaic! It can be as big as you want, as portable as you want, and as customizable as you want!

You'll need...

1. Scissors

2. Generic CDs

3. Elmer's glue

4. Circular container

Step 1: Getting Your Canvas

Locate a circular, mostly flat surface (for example, an ice cream tub lid). Try your best to limit the number of holes in said surface.

Step 2: Find the Number of CDs

Cover your canvas with CDs in order to see how many you'll need. I would add one more to this, just in case you make a mistake and/or have space to fill.

Step 3: Cutting the CDs

Cut the CDs into irregular pieces. Make sure to leave the middle part of one of the CDs.

Step 4: Gluing the Center

Put glue on the duller side of the center part of the CD. Make sure the clear part is covered.

Step 5: Placing the CD Center

Place the center of the CD in the middle of your canvas.

Step 6: Gluing the Pieces

Put a moderate amount of glue (more for weaker glue, less for stronger glue) on the back of a CD piece.

Step 7: Covering the Canvas

Place the piece on the canvas in the desired spot, and repeat until the canvas is covered.

Step 8: Let Sit

Let the masterpiece sit overnight for a day or two, and you're done!

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    That's a cute craft project :)


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    Thank you!